Menu peek coming soon.

Whenever possible we are locally-sourced using small farms, coffee roasters, butchers, and bakers, and we choose organic for you as often as we can. Our menu is ever-changing, and so is our ingredient availability.

We craft your favorite things to order. High maintenance requests for food and drink are what we do. To keep us as fast, accurate, and delightful as possible, we are an in-person business and orders can’t be made by phone or online. First come, first served dearest Grind Family!

Vegan, gluten free, organic, dairy free, paleo, carnivore, baconoceros, caffeinaholic rex…we have your preferences, but not your allergies, covered. If you have an allergy please let us know.

As important as our menu, we made a commitment to sustainability and local economy even before we opened our doors. We have eliminated almost 100% of our single use plastics. Don’t be fooled! Your Grind cups and ‘plastics’ are made from corn and your straws are made from hay unless you request a plastic one or purchase a stainless one. Your sandwich bags are coated with an eco-friendly grease resistant coating. For more information on this topic and responsible food initiatives, visit our friends at and